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We undertake long term contracts to ensure prompt compliance under all."Compliance" requires a myriad of specialized responsibilities, diverse tasks, specific knowledge and ....

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We provide proffssional Labour Law Consultancy under various Labour and Social Security Legislations on subjects like Employees Provident Fund,Employees State insurance....

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We undertake training for Labour Laws for Management Executieves. We also conduct Workshops on Labor Laws which will help enlighten your workforce the benefits ...

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Its very difficult to get up to date information on each Law and it amendments. So instead of spending more money due to lack of knowledge in LAW matters.,Trust us and relax.

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Instead of over loading the work on HR team, Bring in experts to save valuable management time. Let your resources relax and concentrate on other work in the organisation. Trust Us!

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As an entrepreneur or leader on the fast track, you may not want to be bogged on LAW matters.Bring in experts to avoid stress and strain of management

Labour laws are no more hazy.

Labour Laws are thorny. Non - compliance with it can hurt you badly. But the stringent provisions under various Labour Laws and with its frequent amendments, one finds it very difficult to keep pace with such laws . As an entrepreneur or Business Leader on the fast track, you may not want to be bogged down by such issues. So how can you ensure that your business is complacent ? That also without spending huge amounts of time and resources? Easy ! Outsource it to a group of experts. Just entrust your Labour Laws related matters to us and leave yourself free to concentrate on growing your business.

No more compliance worries. Uptodate compliance in maintenance of Statutory Registers & Records Statutory Displays Timely Renewal of Registrations and Licences Timely Submission of Returns Timely Payments of Contribution, Fees etc... Minimize costs by avoiding undue claims and over payments. Maintain harmonious relationship with the Enforcement Authorities. Inspections are managed smoothly. Easy settlement of employees claims under ESI, EPF & Welfare Funds Etc. Free up HR management time.

  • Shri. K.N. Ratheesh Rajan: Addl. Labour Commissioner, Govt. of Kerala (Retd.)
  • Shri. S. Krishnan : Asst. Regional Director, ESI Corporation, Kerala (Retd.)
  • Shri. R.Bojarajan: Asst. Provident Fund Commissioner (Retd.)
  • Shri. K. Vasu: Joint Labour Commissioner (Retd.)
  • Shri. K. Ravi Kumar: Inspector of Factories & Boilers ,Grade 1 (Retd.)
  • Shri. N.M. Joseph : E.S.I. Inspector (Retd.)
  • Norms Management Associates is a reputed Labour Law Consultancy Organisation having state wide operations and managed by a team of Legal Experts and Officers retired from various Labour Laws related departments like ESI, EPF, Labour & Rehabilitation, Factories & Boilers etc... With over Twelve years of experience focused entirely on Labour Laws, our expertise in the area is unmatched.

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    March 13, 2018
    As per Kerala Municipality Act, Professional Tax has to be remitted in the Panchayath/Municipality/Corporation based on...
    March 9, 2018
    Principal employer is liable to pay EPF contributions if the contractor fails to remit the same...
    January 29, 2018

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